After his academic studies in contemporary history at the Universities of Cologne, Florence and Rome, Dr Hans-Jörg Keller started his professional career in 1989 as a lecturer in German culture in Florence. Since 1992 he has been working as a trainer and coach for major international companies. His focal points are leadership-development, cross-cultural training and intercultural coaching. In order to extend his expertise and skills as an international trainer and consultant, he attended training programs and workshops with experienced instructors in Italy, Germany, United Kingdom, Brazil, the Netherlands and the U.S.

Today, with his focus on medium-sized enterprises, Dr Hans-Jörg Keller has advanced to one of the most asked-for, educated and internationally experienced trainers, coaches and consultants. He develops international management skills and intercultural competence of executives, managers and specialists. Furthermore, he supports companies in developing multicultural teams and runs skill-training courses with a focus on leadership, intercultural communication and self-confident presentation in international environments.