Offering competence and professionalism like ”a big’” and at the same time being flexible, client-oriented and non-bureaucratic? Dr Hans-Jörg Keller satisfies this claim with a competence network of experienced colleagues.


Dr Hans-Jörg Keller counts on support from very experienced specialists. Recently, he has started cooperating with the Kaplan Performance Academy, London. It offers a worldwide platform of 120 experienced business coaches from 25 different countries. Astrid Gerhard-Kraemer, Cologne, from Conscious Leadership Coaching, is expert in coaching foreign executives and managers in Germany. In the field of mentoring he relies on a collaboration over many years with Dr Jutta Strake Consulting, who has a reputation of being one of the best experts in designing and conducting international and virtual mentoring programs.

III IN GLOBAL LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Dr Hans-Jörg Keller has been collaborating for many years with a network of experienced specialists to adapt resources exactly to meet the needs of his clients.

III IN TRAINING PROGRAMS ON INTERCULTURAL CO-OPERATION also for large training groups he can rely on his network of intercultural specialist and country experts.

III MENTORING PROGRAMS AND VIRTUAL PROJECTS are designed and conducted by experts who also take into account the needs and requirements of global corporations.